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Advanced drone technology for monitoring and security

Use UAVs for rapid response, 24/7 monitoring, evidence gathering and security mission support

Keep a continuous overview

Run automated perimeter patrols

Create a drone station network

A tethered drone can hover over critical infrastructure objects, busy intersections and other objects of interest almost indefinitely. Operators will get a 24/7 live feed from a 120-meter altitude.
Drones can run automated patrolling missions, following a pre-set path. Each Ortus dock has three rechargeable batteries making this solution a perfect addition to manned matrols.
Stations can service multiple drones. Creating a network of stations extends the mission perimeter and allows to set up a carousel of drones taking off and landing 24/7.

24/7 monitoring and reporting

Save time and resources

Get to the site within minutes

In case of more significant incidents and threats, prioritizing where to send the security teams is essential.
Strategically placed drone stations can have the drone up in the air in a minute and on-site within a few more.
Drone operators can react to events in real-time and significantly speed up the security incident response.

Prioritize the work of responders

Faster incident response

Respond to aid requests

Use thermal cameras

Detect intruders

Use drone stations to dispatch mechanical first responders to incident areas within minutes to provide accurate real-time data about the status.
Save lives with drones equipped with thermal cameras that can assist in locating missing people and those otherwise invisible to human eye inspections.
Establish a perimeter around the area and run monitoring missions to ensure that no unwanted individuals, whether human or wildlife, venture into the area.

Search and rescue missions

Select a payload for each mission

Integrate with 3rd party payloads

Get support for payload integration

Microavia provides a variety of proprietary and continuously improved payloads, including video and photo cameras, as well as the thermal option for heat signature tracking.
Our gimbal allows for the deployment of a variety of payloads. The click-and-lock system is an easy way to create an operational security infrastructure to adapt to any needs.
Security and surveillance may need a variety of payloads to be deployed for missions in challenging conditions. Microavia provides support for both hardware and software integrations.

Customized payloads

Mountain resort management

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Mining and surveying

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Microavia flight management

Microavia cloud-based UTM provides intuitive controls, a near-instant learning curve, and powerful mission planning capabilities. Book a demo to see it in action today!

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