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Conquer the climate
Designed and tested in the UAE: from desert sands to soaring skies.
Endure the elements
Engineered to power the critical missions. Anywhere.
Force awakened
A powerhouse performer to conquer the extremes
Get the entire UAV infrastructure from a single vendor to ensure reduced costs, full compatibility and faster deployment.
Microavia portal provides regular reports detailing flight operations, equipment status, data processing results, flight logs, and maintenance records.
The Microavia team can help design and implement flight plans, including route planning, scheduling, and data collection.

Ordering the equipment

Customized training

Proactive support

UAV flight planning

Mission reports

Technology upgrades

Full maintenance

These reports can be customized to specific needs and preferences.
As new technology and equipment become available, there are upgrades to ensure access to the latest and most advanced tools for operations.
In case of equipment failure or other issues that may arise during operations, Microavia offers emergency response services.
A team of experts can help resolve any issues and minimize downtime.
These include firmware updates and other software maintenance tasks to ensure optimal performance.
Microavia conducts regular maintenance and repair services on the equipment to ensure it remains in good working condition, as a part of the support agreement.
This includes routine inspections, identifying and repairing issues, and replacing required parts.
This includes drones, certified sensors, cameras, and other accessories tailored to the specific use case.
Including real-time flight monitoring and control to ensure that operations are safe and effective.
Microavia offers comprehensive training services to ensure quick and efficient adoption of the UAV infrastructure.
These include initial training sessions for new equipment, refresher courses for existing equipment, and training on new equipment upgrades.

Microavia flight management

Microavia cloud-based UTM provides intuitive controls, a near-instant learning curve, and powerful mission planning capabilities. Book a demo to see it in action today!

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