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Drone-in-a-Box Systems with Automatic Battery Swapping: A Game-Changer for Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

In today's world, monitoring critical infrastructure demands advanced technologies that can provide continuous surveillance and swift responses to any threats. One such technology is automatic battery replacement in drone-in-a-box systems, which is essential for securing borders, ports, national parks and industrial facilities.

Most existing drone systems require at least 35-60min to recharge batteries after each flight. This can be a critical drawback in situations where continuous surveillance or emergency response is required. Unlike these systems, Microavia’s drone-in-a-box system provides for automatic battery swapping, allowing the drone to return to operation almost instantly after a quick battery change. The battery swapping functionality significantly reduces the drone’s downtime to a minimum increasing the overall monitoring efficiency.

Automatic battery swapping is a revolutionary solution that ensures the drone is always ready for use. Inside the station is an air conditioning unit that ensures the batteries are always at an optimal temperature and thus ready to use. This is especially important in extreme environments, such as the desert, where our system has been thoroughly tested and deployed. Our real-world tests have shown that the system copes well with high temperatures and continues to operate efficiently even in the most challenging climatic conditions.

Our unique solution not only meets today's requirements, but exceeds them by offering capabilities that are not available in traditional drones. Unlike more conventional approaches, Microavia’s battery replacement concept is fully automated, minimizing the risk of errors and improving the system’s overall reliability. This is particularly crucial in scenarios that demand an immediate response to incidents or where continuous facility security is necessary.

The Drone-in-a-Box with automatic battery replacement is, therefore, a unique and highly effective solution for monitoring and securing critical facilities. This technology has already demonstrated its value and is poised to revolutionize security approaches across various sectors. We take pride in our accomplishments and are confident that our solution will play a pivotal role in the advancement of unmanned surveillance and security systems.
Benefits of automatic battery replacement
Minimal time on ground: Traditional drone systems require significant downtime to recharge. With automatic battery replacement, drones can quickly replace discharged batteries and resume operations within minutes. Microavia's Drone-in-a-box system can replace a battery in as little as 90 seconds, allowing for virtually uninterrupted flights.

Our drone-in-a-box systems are engineered to automatically swap depleted batteries, significantly lowering costs and enhancing system reliability.

Enhanced Surveillance: Continuous monitoring is vital for border security and the protection of critical infrastructure. Rapid battery swapping enables drones to conduct uninterrupted surveillance, eliminating the delays caused by recharge cycles. This constant aerial presence deters unauthorized activities and swiftly identifies potential threats.

Temperature control and battery longevity: Advanced drone-in-a-box systems feature a climate control system that maintains optimal battery temperature, boosting battery performance and extending its lifespan. This feature is particularly beneficial in extreme weather conditions, ensuring reliable operation around the clock, year-round.

Batteries stored at low temperatures degrade more slowly because the chemical reactions within the battery occur at a reduced rate, thereby slowing the degradation process. Each day a battery is stored at high temperatures can significantly accelerate its degradation.

At high storage temperatures (above 30 degrees Celsius), batteries degrade faster even when not in use, e.g. at 55 C the capacity loss is about 10-20% per week.

In addition, overheating can cause the battery to swell. This reduces flight time and the overall performance of the drone.

In the worst case scenario, overheating can cause the battery to catch fire or even explode, posing a significant threat to the safety of both the drone and its surroundings.
Microavia has successfully deployed unmanned drone-in-a-box stations for various government and industrial clients. The battery swapping technology ensures uninterrupted operation, which is essential for missions requiring continuous air coverage.

Drone-in-a-box systems with automatic battery replacement are not just a technological advancement, they are a strategic asset that improves the safety and efficiency of critical infrastructure monitoring. While these systems may require a larger initial outlay, the long-term benefits in the form of operational efficiency, reliability and continuous coverage make them a worthwhile investment. We are confident that our solution will become the industry standard and will be used extensively to secure facilities around the world.

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