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Drones designed for mountain resort management

Improve the performance of the grooming machine fleet by 40%
Create detailed snow maps
Analyze the snow thickness
Send data to snow groomers
Use UAVs to run regular missions and provide relevant information to groomers in real-time saving time and resources.
Rely on daily updated 3D snow cover maps for an optimal and data-driven snow management of the slopes.
Real-time information helps optimize groomer work on the slopes and reduce operational costs.
Snow cover calculation
Analyze snow growth
Map potential avalanche sites
Tactically remove snow
Compare and analyze the data from the consequent flights. Based on the analysis results, decide whether to use the gun in the respective area at a particular time.
Using Microavia drones in regular LiDAR surveys of potentially dangerous areas allows to accurately determine the targets for controlled detonations rather than relying on guesswork.
The combination of drone coverage and the right technology makes it possible to avoid the redundant or untimely use of explosives and unnecessary costs.
Snow overhang analysis
Respond to aid requests
Use thermal cameras
Detect unauthorized access
Use drone stations to dispatch mechanical first responders to incident areas within minutes to provide accurate real-time data about the status.
Save lives with drones equipped with thermal cameras that can assist in locating missing people and those covered with snow, otherwise invisible to human eye inspections.
Establish a perimeter around the area and run monitoring missions to ensure that no unwanted individuals, whether human or wildlife, venture into the area.
Search and rescue missions
Scans of the infrastructure
Validate and analyze issues
Visual archive for review
Perform regular flybys of the infrastructure to detect possible issues, wear-and-tear, and opportunities for configuration upgrades.
Use UAV streaming and real-time reports to make effective and evidence-based decisions.
Build and expand a photo and video materials database for future research, marketing, evidence and incident response.
Visual inspection of the equipment
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Mining and surveying
Monitoring & security
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Microavia flight management

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