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  • ESCO, United Arab Emirates
    Using UAVs is becoming more integral to our operations and frequently taking center stage in our solutions. Our partnership with Microavia allows for locally made, market leading technology, customizable for any application.
  • GeoSense, Malaysia
    As a leading aerial mapping and photography provider, we always look for the best tools. Working with Microavia allowed us to expand our service offering and increase efficacy.
  • Snowplanner, Andorra
    We partnered with MicroAvia to bring our snow planning software up in the air. Now, our customers can save even more money and enjoy new opportunities.
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Partner program
The cooperation focuses on mutual benefits based on UAV usage. Key focus: collaborative products with a strong market proposition by joining forces. A joint strategy is established by understanding the market needs and various integration options.
Technology partner
Reselling is a perfect starting point for a partnership focusing on selling UAV-based products and services. There is a revenue-sharing arrangement and cooperation on the technical side of customer projects with the full support of Microavia sales and marketing teams.
Service provider
Any service portfolio could benefit from a broader UAV infrastructure, whether monitoring, analysis, or delivery. This cooperation form is focused on more profound services and technology. A custom financial model is in place.
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Seed Group (UAE)
Seed Group acts as a springboard for new and established businesses and start-ups willing to expand their footprint in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. They can do it while enjoying the benefits of Dubai stable economy, favorable time zone, supportive government policies, burgeoning business ecosystem, lucrative subsidies, and easy access to new markets.
DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations, India
DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations Ltd is a Pune, India-based end-to-end enterprise drone solutions provider. Their team has a devoted group of Surveyors, UAV pilots, GIS analysts, and LiDAR professionals. They also deliver drone pilot courses and establish drone centers of excellence.
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Emirates Specialized Group, ESCO
ESCO is one of the world's leading providers of specialized, periodic support services to the offshore oil & gas sector, leading in Aviation and Marine to support drilling, production, and processing. ESCO is an Emirates Specialized Group subsidiary headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). ESCO is committed to delivering reliable, high-quality packaged oilfield solutions with efficient execution.
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Geo Sense, Malaysia
Geo Sense has been operating drones since 2008. It focuses on providing drone mapping services and developing its professional imaging and mapping system. For more than a decade, Geo Sense has been known as one of Malaysia's most reliable contractors in supplying extensive scale drone mapping data
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Drone Logistics Ecosystem
Drone Logistics Ecosystem is a free-of-charge virtual ecosystem with a primary focus on stimulating innovation and commercialization in the drone logistics industrya. DLE encourages multidisciplinary Industry-University-Public-Investment international collaborations, also known as the “quadruple helix innovation model.”
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Andorra Research + Innovation
Andorra Research + Innovation was created in May 2021 to generate and promote knowledge, provide innovative solutions for sustainable development and contribute to the Andorran economy's diversification.
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