Drones for the mining and surveying industries

Use the UAVs throughout the entire mining life-cycle: from surveying to extracting

Survey the area

Scan for mineral deposits

Discover the underground

Use drones to scout the potential mining area reducing risks to human surveyors and exploration costs.
Heavy-duty drones carrying magnetometers and other scanners can help you survey large areas within days rather than months.
Use UAV-based GPR (ground penetrating radar) to survey sites without having to break the ground and discover potential possibilities and obstacles.

Use drones to survey for minerals

Scan through the foliage

Map the terrain

Plan the mining operation

Drones can fly and scan huge territories, looking for signs of minerals and terrain anomalies even through the thick forest foliage.
Creating detailed maps of the future mining areas can support a quicker operation and more cost-efficient start, as well as detect potential threats and points of interest.
Plan the mining site using data-driven intelligence and comprehensive visual evidence.

Discover obstacles on the surface

Locate intruders

Analyze terrain changes

Run regular monitoring

Establish a perimeter around the area and run monitoring missions to ensure that no unwanted individuals, whether human or wildlife, venture into the area.
Over time, mining operations and natural factors will change the land and create potential issues for transportation and safety. UAV analytics can help you react to erosion before it's too late.
Many situations may occur on a mining site at any given moment. A live feed of the mine and surrounding area helps the operations center stay on top and gather evidence.

Monitor the mining site 24/7

Use these drone-generated deliverables to revolutionize the way you explore the mining sites

A point cloud data set is a set of data points in a 3D coordinate system. It is created by laser scanning and used to create 3D models of objects and surfaces.
A digital representation of the natural terrain surface of an area, including its elevations, depressions, and other features.
A digital model of the earth's surface that includes the elevation of the ground and the height of any objects on it.
A comprehensive report on the progress and results of the survey, including an analysis of the data collected and recommendations for further action.
A digital representation of any abnormal or unexpected variations in the magnetic field.
A map that shows the changes in the earth's magnetic field in a specific area.

Cloud of laser points

Digital terrain model

Digital surface/elevation model

Digital model of the anomalous field

Magnetic field transformation maps

Performance report

Mountain resort management

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Monitoring & security

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